Meet our Horses!

Therapy horses are the backbone of any therapeutic riding organization, and Acadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization is lucky to have 4 excellent therapy horses in our herd. It takes a special horse to have the patience and attentiveness to work with therapeutic riding clients. They have to listen to the riders steering and leg cues, while ignoring any unintentional bumping or bouncing from less balanced riders. A good therapeutic riding herd has a wide variety of horses, both in size, structure and movement to accommodate all sizes of riders. ATRO’s horses range from little Rose to gentle giant Gus and are able to handle riders from age 3 up.

Maintaining a therapy horse and keeping them happy in their job is a never ending task. ATRO is lucky have our horses boarded at Highland Farms, which provides twice a day feeding and supportive care when needed. The ATRO horses are well cared for even when there are no riding classes. ATRO’s Horse Team volunteers also work with the therapy horses outside of class time, allowing them a chance to get a break from the therapy class setting by going out on trail rides and providing them with conditioning to keep them fit.

Several of ATRO's horses are reaching retirement age and we are currently reviewing applications for new horses. Please take the time to review and complete our application if you think you have a good therapy horse candidate that you need to re-home. Keep in mind that very few horses have what it takes to be a good therapy horse and ATRO is not financially able to take any horse that isn’t able to be utilized in the program.