Meet our Instructors!


Acadiana Therapeutic Riding Organization has a growing list of qualified instructors. The program, which began 20 years ago, had only one instructor, Dixie Bunton-Ferrata, who was certified at the Advanced Level by then, NARHA. Since then, we have added several instructors to the program. The current active instructors are  Lorain Gilbert-Fontana, Anne Babineaux, and Dixie. Dixie is the only Advanced Instructor. Lorain is also a physical therapist and is working on Level II Hippotherapy certification. Anne is a licensed professional counselor, who usually works with teens, but has added a dimension to the program previously not seen by coordinating the Women’s program with Dixie. All of our instructors are dedicated to the growth of ATRO, improving and expanding our programs, and bringing the level of service to our clients to a standard of excellence that is endorsed by Path International.  

ATRO is proud of the individuals whose biographies are shared below and welcome you to meet them. Please contact any one of us if you have any questions about our program.