ATRO's Second Annual Horse Show is coming!


Sunday May 24th; Registration at 8:00 am, Walkthroughs at 8:30 am

Enttrailride2014ry fees: $40/division, $25 for Novice and Wrangler

Arena will be open Saturday 2-5pm for practice $20/horse; Trails will be open Saturday for $20 as well.

Pre-entries are appreciated

The show is again being held on Memorial Day weekend. Practice in the arena and trail rides will be held on Saturday May 23 and the show will be Sunday May 24. Please download the flyer for further information.

All proceeds from the show will go directly to ATRO's scholarship fund. This fund allows riders who may need some financial assistance to participate in our program. Please help us spread the word and find sponsors for the obstacles.

Sponsorships start at $50. Please download the sponsorship packet for further details.

This event was a huge success last year, and should be just as much fun this year. Come out and join us!

Bring your horse and compete; there are divisions for almost all skill levels of horses and riders. Or you can come and meet other horsemen, watch our riders demonstrate their skills, have a great time. If you are interested in helping out, please let us know.

See you there!





"At Cherokee Ridge"

  Sometimes at night

 When dust and gravel

 Sift through my brain

 I go to Cherokee Ridge

 Where the sun basks

 On women who get up close,

 Dip into pots

 And smear pictures

 On live horses,

 The colors blooming on

 The backs of horses

 The colors blooming out

 Of fingers

 In Rosie's mane

 I am in my granddaughter's hair

 Smoothing out tangles

 Minding the brushstrokes

 Flowers here are lifted

 Freed from their cases

 We set them in warm beds.

 We comb until something blossoms

 Debra Bailey--